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Download the complete BizTrends 2017 PDFs with over 100 trends contributors across 18 industry sectors. He said that was the right time-scale to finish the strengthening work, and that there were plenty of other buildings more dangerous than Statistics House that currently have been given much longer to do strengthening work. He stressed the 7.8 earthquake exceeded the 7.5 allowed for in the building code.

MyCardia is a biologically active cardiac graft that can be surgically affixed to a heart to assist function for patients with conditions such as chronic heart failure. Tech Launch Arizona , the office of the UA that commercializes inventions stemming from University research, facilitated the process of defining and protecting the heart graft technology.

A: I think a lot of Pinners find a lot of ideas when they’re on their computer. We wanted them to get ideas in the real world. I feel like Pinterest is not a search engine where you type in something and you get an answer. It’s more, ‘I’m curious and I don’t know what I’m going to get as results.’ I think Pinterest Lens really helps with that. Here’s a type of furniture I really like, I don’t know what it’s called, but I’m curious about it, so let me take a picture of it and get some ideas.

The Washington STate Academic RedShirt (STARS) program , which offers engineering students from economically or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds extra academic support, will receive a one-time grant of $2.2 million from the Opportunity Expansion Fund passed by the Washington Legislature and funded by Microsoft.

Chemical engineering Asst. Prof. Prakash Rai has been awarded a grant by the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NCI/NIH) totaling more than $725,000 to study the use of theranostic nanomedicine for the treatment of breast cancer.

August 31, 2009 – Revision to Requirement for Design Professionals Regarding Submitting Construction Documents – The Architectural Barriers Program issued revisions to Administrative Rule 68.50(a) changing the requirement for design professionals to submit construction documents from five days to twenty days following the date the drawings are issued. This change is required by HB-1055 and went into effect September 1, 2009. Refer to the TDLR Website for more information.

Before Thom left high school, he and a fellow trumpet playing classmate were asked to join Bud Widmer’s Rube Band, a regionally famous irreverent group of adult musicians who dressed in crazy clothes and played parades and saloons all over including the Mardi Gras. Occasionally the Rubers were said to over imbibe. Suffice it to say, the boys’ parents were a bit uneasy about them hanging out with such a rowdy bunch of older men. While still in high school, Thom also learned French Horn and Baritone Horn, which he sometimes played in the concert band. BTW on concert programs those two instruments are usually referred to respectively as Horn and Baritone.

Fact is buyers are doing a lot more upfront online research as part of their buying process today. Leading Suppliers want to support this buying process with useful facts, insights and newsworthy content – goes well beyond your typical press release or web site content.

Effots to decrease fabric filter sizes by increasing the flow rates through the fabric have concentrated on methods of implementing frequent or continuous cleaning cycles without taking major portions of the filter surface out of service. In the pulse-jet dust collector design, a compressed air jet operating for a fraction of a second causes a rapid vibration or ripple in the fabric which dislodges the accumulated dust cake. Simultaneously, enginner news outflow of both compressed cleaning air and entrained air from the top clean air plenum helps top sweep pulsed-off dust away from the filter surface. The pulse jet dust collector design is used predominantly because it is easier to maintain than the reverse jet system and because pulse jet dust collectors can be smaller and less costly due to greater useful cleaning energy makes operation with higher fitration velocities practical.

The College publishes the alumni magazine Arizona Engineer twice a year. Other College print publications available for download and digital viewing highlight research projects, industry partnerships and educational progress. And every month, the College sends the Arizona Engineer e-newsletter to alumni, faculty and staff for the latest news and coming events.

Sump pumps were designed to be submerged underwater and pump that water to a different location. Their most common uses are in basements, bunkers, bilges, and that sort of thing. These pumps would only come on by demand, when a float control indicated a high water level.

At the age of 16 he had already built his own street roadster which was a 29A on 32 rails to race at Bonneville, but because of finances he was unable to finish building the engine, so he joined Larry Burford and raced his Deuce Coupe. In 1953 he attended an El Mirage meet with his brother’s sprint car and was fairly competitive in the class. Much of Skips racing efforts during his twenties and thirties involved running midgets, sprint cars and eventually Indy Champ cars with USAC. In December of 1965, just before he was ready to leave for Indy to finish building the Indy car for Federal Engineering, (Skip’s ride for the 1966 season), he had a motorcycle accident badly breaking his knee and unfortunately shattering his dream. He tried to race after the accident, but his knee would swell and cause too much pain. His career in the oval track was over.